Go West

There’s this little blurb in the Indy today you can check out HERE about this art event happening in Missoula tomorrow called West: A True Romance. You should check it out.


The significance of it is that it is an art show put together by my wife, Julia. It features artists of a bunch of different disciplines all contributing pieces on what their ideas of the West are all about. I’m even doing a mini photography exhibition on, of all things, trailer parks.

The idea came out of Julia’s fashion design habit. When she is constantly making stuff that she thinks people will buy, she gets burned out. It loses its artistic luster. However, when she does periodic shows of fashion as “art” pieces, it keeps it interesting. This is one of those events, and rather than just make it all fashion (as her last one was, a collaboration with a friend of ours they called Order of the Red Antler), she decided to invite a bunch of different artists.

This is a sneak peek of one of the pieces she’s working on, or part of it. It’s a jacket, obviously, which she designed. It is made of brain-tanned buckskin, which she acquired from a friend of ours who does all the skinning and tanning herself. Another Native artist friend provided the beadwork. The rest is canvas (it was originally going to be all buckskin, which was a little cost prohibitive at the time). It looks great, if you ask me. I can’t wait to see the entire thing finished.

jacketSo if you live in Missoula, come out Friday night. It should be pretty cool.


3 thoughts on “Go West

  1. Julia Munroe Martin

    This is really cool. I can sew a little but not garments so I’m all the more impressed by the jacket — it’s amazing and beautiful. The show sounds phenomenal, but I suppose it’s one more thing I’ll have to miss by not living in Montana. Sigh. Kudos to Julia!


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