Gratitude Monday

I was driving into Missoula the other evening and a man was riding a horse on the grassy shoulder of the rural highway that connects me to town. In the field immediately to his left was a pasture with several other horses, who had come to the fence and were loping along beside him. With the light and the breeze, their manes and tails flowing behind them like in a beer commercial, it was one of those iconic scenes most people only see in photographs. I didn’t have my camera with me, but I reflected about how happy I am to live somewhere were seeing folks on horseback isn’t an unusual occurrence.

I’m grateful to live in the country!

Photo May 05, 1 33 15 PM

4 thoughts on “Gratitude Monday

    1. Chris Post author

      They ARE. I just drove through there up to Whitefish on Friday afternoon, then came back through just as the sun was setting. The Flathead is gorgeous, no doubt about it.


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