Gratitude Monday

This week’s gratitude is for Frenchtown Pond. This is where I spent the summers of my youth, and where I learned to swim. From the time I was 5 until I was 10 or 11 or so, we lived maybe a mile from it. When we moved farther away, we would still ride bikes or, as my sisters acquired licenses, we’d drive there ourselves.

It used to be a rough place. Broken glass in the sand, people carousing with alcohol while ignoring their children, Bandidos smoking weed in the shade of the cottonwoods, etc. In the years since they added bathrooms, then a proper parking lot, and now it’s actually a state park with a caretaker and a walking trail around it and everything. I suppose that is for the best, but I’m glad I got to experience its wilder days.

Now I live only 7 or 8 miles away, and I’ve already gone swimming there several times, particularly during this latest heat wave. It is a great pleasure.


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    1. Chris Post author

      I’ve never been to a hot spring. There are several around here, I just haven’t done it. I always hear stories about them, which includes naked people, and I don’t care to go. Heh.


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