Gratitude Monday

It was a positively gorgeous weekend in the Missoula area this past weekend. I didn’t get out as much as I might have liked to, but I did get out and hike a few miles on Sunday. Beautiful!

I’ve mentioned we moved a short distance out of town back in February, and it has been interesting to see how different the changing seasons are just fifteen minutes outside of the city (and even calling Missoula a “city” is stretching it). Sure, it’s noticeable in town, but out here? There seem to be more and larger gatherings of birds — flocks of geese are constantly zigging and zagging across the sky. Blue herons, songbirds, crows and ravens, even vultures. And, especially, the raptors: big hawks perched on every other telephone pole for a four mile stretch. One evening we even saw an owl up there, its distinctive head a perfect silhouette against the evening sky. Last night, overheated from standing over a hot stove making dinner, I stepped out on the back porch to cool off. The air was crisp, and there are hardly any lights in our neighborhood. The sky was cloudless and vast, the big dipper suspended just above the roof of the neighbor just down the street.

I’m grateful for my continued awe at the magnificence of the natural world.


7 thoughts on “Gratitude Monday

  1. April

    We meant to get out in The Nature and didn’t. 🙁 Your description is great, I am trying to be more aware of the patterns of the animals and critters as the seasons change – seeing a lot of praying mantises (manti?) this week.


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