Gratitude Monday

witbFriday night turned out, quite by accident, to be something of a “Date Night on the Hip Strip” for Julia and me. We both had errands to run in the afternoon/evening, and I had plans around 7 to attend a reading for a writer I had just interviewed for the Indy. Julia’s plans ended up wrapping up just in time for her to join me at the reading, then we had a quick dinner at The Bridge, and then headed to see the movie Winter in the Blood, an indy release filmed in Montana based on the James Welch novel of the same name (and also the first crowdsource thing I ever contributed to some couple years ago).

The theater was The Roxy. It’s been in Missoula since forever — maybe the 30s or something? — and was one I used to visit on occasion as a kid. I saw the greatest double-feature ever there (First Blood and The Terminator). The Roxy’s been shut down, changed owners, burned, restored, and recently remodeled. Here’s the say-so from their Facebook page:

The Roxy Theater is a non-profit arthouse theater dedicated to bringing Missoula the finest in new and classic films and intimate live events. Bringing the world to our town, we stand for community and connectivity.

Our two main cinemas present weekly screenings of new and classic films from around the world – Foreign & independent fiction, documentaries and classics. Our third stage (affectionately known as The Empress Theater in honor of blues legend Bessie Smith, who coincidentally passed away the exact same day The Roxy opened, September 26, 1937) supports live music, theater, comedy, dance, literary readings and other cultural events.

Owned and operated by The International Wildlife Film Festival, a non-profit 501(c)(3), The Roxy is also the host site for our annual film festival, and other yearly events.

As we were watching the coming attractions in this intimate little theater, I was reflecting on how lucky we are to have a couple screens in our town that will show movies that will never have a shot at playing at the multiplex. As much as I love a lot of the Hollywood blockbuster stuff, I equally enjoy small films and documentaries. The Roxy has some great stuff coming up that I can’t wait to see.

I’m grateful to have the Roxy up and running, and all the volunteers who make it happen. I may have to donate some of my time one of these evenings.


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    1. Chris Post author

      It’s worth your time. There are some great parts to it, some not so great. But all in all I’d call it a success. I was very pleased watching it.

      I think Julia’s folks go to that film fest every year. They are quite the movie buffs as well.


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