Gratitude Monday

Sometimes something momentous or spectacular happens and this post practically writes itself. It really shouldn’t ever be hard, not if I am living the type of life I am attempting to (i.e. live a life that is mindful enough to be grateful all the time, not just on Mondays). Other times I can sit and stare at the screen and the only things I can think of are maybe things I’ve written about before — the daily stuff like decent health, a warm house in this cold weather, etc. Mindfulness is friggin’ hard. If it wasn’t, everyone would be doing it, right?

So moments like this become a mirror. Where am I drifting such that I can’t find one special event or moment that struck me as significant to write about? After all, for example, I don’t want to be one of those people — as described by a friend of mine the other night concerning an incident they had just had — who plasters all these platitudes about peace and harmony and “Namaste” all over their car’s bumper and then act like assholes out on the road.

Sometimes fate slaps us upside the head and puts the mirror in front of our faces where we can really see our own actions, we just have to look. Other times we have an opportunity to  look at our lives and the things and people we care about and make sure we really are doing our best in doing right by them, holding the reflection of what we see in our own hands. It always becomes our responsibility to act on what we see.

I’m grateful for a quiet moment to just sit and reflect on all this, and then simply get back to carrying water and chopping wood as best I can.


5 thoughts on “Gratitude Monday

  1. Ron Scheer (@rdscheer)

    Well said. There’s a paradox here, as there should be if it’s worth considering. We are both our aspirations and our failure to meet them (like the guy with the bumper stickers). And to accept that without judgment is enough. So I’ve been told anyway.


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