Gratitude Monday

I’ve probably mentioned this particular one before, but I’m going to do it again. Much as I get frustrated sometimes, and as weary as I am of airports and airplanes and all that hassle, I’m grateful that the day job I have has allowed me to see so much of the USA. It’s put me in Canada a few times, Mexico once or twice, and even the Czech Republic, but what it’s done best is allow me to see parts of this country I may not have otherwise. I consider myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity. International travel is fantastic, but there remain places in the US that other folks spend lifetimes dreaming of visiting, and that isn’t something to be taken for granted. If anything, it has fired me up to want to travel more, and spend more time in places where I’ve only scratched the surface.




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    1. Chris Post author

      Yeah. It’s a photo of a part of a map I have on the wall in my office, where I’ve put pins in all the places I’ve been for work, plus some places Julia and I have visited. Pins are color-coded with painstaking detail as well, Mr. Kaul, a feature I know you are one of the few who can properly appreciate.


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