Gratitude Monday

I’m grateful to have passed through another winter, even though it’s a season I don’t mind so much. It was our first in a new home, and there were some new twists to navigate (like running out of gas on Christmas day; no heat, no cooking), but we pulled it off. It may seem late in the year to some to be breathing this sigh of relief, but April can still be a big snow month here in Montana, and now it’s behind us and I probably won’t hear the sound of my furnace again for five or six months. I was gone all last week (in Los Angeles, where it was in the mid to upper nineties all week) and when I returned all the trees and bushes and plants that looked dead are suddenly bursting into bloom. The fields and hills surrounding the valley are crescendoing to green as well. Not to peak color, not yet, but we’re getting there. I missed the first most beautiful days apparently while I was traveling, but I hope to catch the next round.

I was equally pleased, after the harsh summer-like weather in Southern California, to hear steady rain at times this past weekend. Sadly, it is the folks in California who really need the moisture. Driving up Venice Boulevard last week, all the trees and bushes look dried out as if it were late summer, not early spring. I hope that landscape gets some relief before long.

I know it was a hard winter for many folks. Hopefully spring is starting to break up some of that ice out your way, both literal and figurative, as well.

As this posts I’ll be headed to Omaha, Nebraska. I’d been to that state once several years ago, and suddenly this is the second time this year. Happy to have longer days to explore a little bit. Last time I was there was during one of those frigid cold snaps. My flight from Minneapolis to Omaha was cancelled, so I drove through the frozen tundra on a bright sunny day that never showed me a temperature above zero. It’s trending 70-80 degrees above that this time around.


4 thoughts on “Gratitude Monday

  1. Ron Scheer (@rdscheer)

    We are getting used to brown in California. It is the new green. My memories of central Montana are from a week-long visit in May. I know that not-yet-spring look you get there. Nebraska may well look a lot like that for you, too. Would like to be along for the ride, though. Best month for Nebraska by far: October.

    1. Chris Post author

      If I get a chance I might try and drive out into the countryside a bit. I’m sure there’s something beautiful close by. Omaha doesn’t seem a bad little city, really.


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