Gratitude Monday

Today I’m grateful that we still live in a culture that values the preservation of art and literature, even if it seems at times we don’t. Because if we didn’t, I would not have had the opportunity to read any of the writing of one of my literary icons, Henry David Thoreau. I was particularly grateful yesterday when I went for a long saunter in the area I live as a way to pass a gloriously beautiful day.

I’m thinking of this today because it happens to be the 151st anniversary of his death in 1862. He died a few months shy of his 45th birthday, which means I’ve outlived him. I’ve not read all of his writing, nor have I read any actual biographies, though I did read an excellent book last year called The Thoreau You Don’t Know: The Father of Nature Writers on the Importance of Cities, Finance, and Fooling Around by Robert Sullivan. While it isn’t a biography, per se, it still provides insights and facts about the man’s life that I found fascinating, and brought him to life in ways he never has been before to me. Highly recommended to anyone with any interest in Thoreau, and what the world was like in the community he lived in during the time he was alive.


6 thoughts on “Gratitude Monday

  1. cgramlich

    Walks always bring out the gratitude in me. And yesterday and today were such beautiful days here.

    1. Chris Post author

      It was very interesting. Stories about Emerson sending Thoreau to identify and claim the shipwrecked corpse of a mutual acquaintance (as in literally off the beach among dozens of other bodies), as well as Thoreau’s other skills and odd habits that aren’t often spoken of, was incredibly fascinating to me. A great little history book, really.


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