>Happy Birthday to Me

>No, it’s not actually my birthday, but I did ensure that my birthday, which is in April, is going to rock. I bought tickets to go see THE BLACK KEYS in Portland on the day of my birthday.

These guys are a great band. I wish I had seen them in Ohio (they are from Toledo) while I was there, back before they started getting “big.” I just love the stripped-down bluesy rock that they deliver, and they don’t veer into that sappy, gig-vest-and-a-stupid-hat trap that so many folks playing what passes for blues these days do. In fact, I don’t even like blues that much anymore, unless it’s being played by someone named Son House or Blind Willy Johnson or something like that. I think the last straw for me was playing in Portland a couple years ago on a LAZERWOLFS tour and we did a show with this blues band; they were good players, but their “look” was white shirts, ties and bike helmets. That is quite possibly the night the blues died for me.

As for our part of that show, that was back during the height of Bubba’s mullet-tude. That thing was truly a creature of beauty. Check it out:

We destroyed that place. It was fun.

I can’t wait to see The Black Keys, even if it means getting another year older. I’m convinced, however, that traveling for rock shows will more than keep me young. We hope to do a TATER PIG show the night after, since we will be in Portland. That will be a gas too!

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