>Happy Samhain!

>In some ways I love this time of year, in others I hate it. Halloween is something I’m sick of because it has gotten so commercialized, and seems to have been converted to another drunken adult holiday with multiple costume parties and all that. If fact, while browsing through a bookstore at the Sacramento airport last night, I heard some woman in Serious Professional Woman attire lamenting to someone over her cell phone about how they were supposed to wear some kind of “Halloween-themed clothing” at the office the next day, so she needed to stop at Target on her way home to find something. I would say “beware all enterprises that require new clothes” if Hank Thoreau hadn’t said it first!

I actually used to have that picture of Thoreau hanging in my bathroom, of all places. I need to put it back up here in my office. What’s funny is more than one person would come out and ask me, “Why is there a picture of Abraham Lincoln in your bathroom?”

I do love the pagan aspects of this day. I love the whole relationship with death and rebirth, particularly in a metaphorical sense; the death of the year just passed and the rebirth of the new one. I set more resolutions around this day than I do around January 1, and this year is no different. In a lot of ways I wasn’t happy with ’08 and how I spent my time, but that will be different in ’09!

Dia de los Muertos

Day of the Dead on Sunday, woo hoo! It’s a big day around here, and the culmination of a lot of frustration. Julia actually organized the Missoula festival this year, which was a lot of work. A lot of wrasslin’ with bureaucracy for insurance and permits, dealing with people who offered assistance then disappeared, and, the biggest pain, fundraising. Things were getting tight, but in the 11th hour the guys from Cynical and Jaded kicked in a BIG donation which saved the day. Very cool of them! I know Julia is going to be relieved when it’s all over and has vowed not to do it again. I don’t blame her, as I think it has stolen some of the fun out of it; I don’t think we’ll even be dressing up and marching in the parade. She is part of the dance performances going on at the Downtown Dance Collective, though, so that should be cool. She made her own costumes; one is a skeleton thing and the other is a sword dance dressed up as Kali. It should be cool.

I am just doing a Lazerwolfs show that night. I don’t even have a flyer for it, which shows how lame I’ve become. I guess I better start thinking of a set list.

Freak Out Much?

This is a comment from an article from the Wall Street Journal that a piece from Jill Kuraitis @ New West directed me to. It speaks for itself.

Liam, I completely agree with you. The republicans weren’t given much of a choice. There was no excitement in the conservative base until Palin came along. I personally, will not be voting for McCain, I will be voting for Palin.

But, the alternative is frightening. A dem controlled congress and BHO. If they are veto proof, there is nothing they won’t do. I fear it is the end of our republic. The constitution and bill of rights will be destroyed by activist judges in the SC.

The only comfort I can draw from is that I am old. I feel sorry for my kids and grandkids.

All taxes are going up.
The unemployement and interest rates of Carter will seem like a picnic.
Unions and taxes will drive the rest of the companies out of the country.
We will succumb to Europe.
The UN will control our military or at least what is left of our military after the cuts.
Global warming scares will cause carbon taxes and there will be high costs and shortages of gas and oil.
Increased SS taxes and the age of retirement will go up.

Nothing good can come from a BHO win, it’s all in the hands of God.

I love a good stress out like that. Especially when it’s completely irrational. I hope I spend my golden years so constructively!

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