7 thoughts on “>Here’s The Video

  1. Chris

    >One thing that’s kinda funny that I forgot to mention; the sponsor for the radio show this interview appears in, heard at the very beginning, is The Bridge Pizza. How friggin’ appropriate is that?!

  2. Rebecca

    >The only way it could have gotten any better is if the Bridge delivered a variety of their pizzas.Seriously, though, congratulations. You guys are rock stars now!

  3. Chris

    >Thanks. It’s funny, though, that even if we were actual rock stars, we are being interviewed on a radio station whose format would pretty much exclude any of our songs from ever venturing anywhere near their playlist.

  4. Chris

    >What I come away with most about this is how boring radio stations have become. I think I’ll write about that; don’t know if I should do it here or via New West. Hmmm. . . .

  5. Chris

    >I did know that. Ronnie James Dio has spoken at length of how he got it from his grandmother. Dio is the guy most people credit for bringing it to rock.


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