>Hey, You Know What Sucks?

>This sucks:

That’s the right rear tire on my rental car. It has a slow leak. As in, flat in about 8 hours slow. It’s about flat in that picture but you can’t really tell. It was flat when I went out to go to the customer site this morning. It took three service stations to find a working air compressor. And it was friggin’ cold outside too. As in, 15 degrees and stiff wind cold. It irked me.

So I got it aired up, but by the end of the day it was pretty low again. I took that picture around 8:30 tonight. I took the car back to that service station after dinner to air it up; hopefully it won’t be totally flat again by morning. What a pain in the ass. It will probably totally blow out on the way back to St. Louis to fly home tomorrow evening. So I am in a quandary as to whether I should just put the stupid mini spare on tomorrow before I leave, or just pump up the tire and hope for the best. I’m thinking to lean on the hope. It seems to be working for Obama, right? Spout enough horseshit about hope and this and that and people fall all over themselves.

Speaking of dinner, here is a surreptitious shot of the fine dining establishment that is the Farmer’s Family Restaurant:

I bet you wish you could live like I do. Oh, and that isn’t a koala bear on the table, it’s my arm.

Before I went to eat I tracked down a gym in town. Look at this fancy place:

I worked out pretty hard. Too hard. I stopped at a convenience store on the way home and bought a couple packages of advil. I’d actually planned to expense a whole bottle to keep in my bag, but they only had those little packages that come two-tablets-to-a-pack. The clerk offered to open them up for me, but I declined. I said I was getting them in anticipation of the morning. She laughed and said, “I wish I still had mornings like that!”

The dumbbells are the reason, not whatever the clerk was referring to (booze? fornication? who knows). I can feel the gimpness coming on. I’ve been working mostly machine weights at home, but thought I’d work over the dumbbells tonight. I’ll be paralyzed by 5 AM, guaranteed. After the weights I rode the exercise bike for 30 minutes (and listened to Monster Magnet, in case you were wondering). I couldn’t hear the audio, but just seeing the images on the TV screens just made me more aware that America is doomed. I don’t know what is worse: the shows, the shitheels in the shows, or the birdbrains engulfed in watching them.

Though this thing, from Britain’s version of American Idol, is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen — this dude literally brought tears to my eyes (thanks to Joe Nickell for bringing it to my attention):

I challenge anyone to watch that and not be moved. That dude, as we say in LAZERWOLFS, dropped the friggin’ hammer. In case you are wondering, he did win the entire competition. That clip blows me away every time. So much so that I am not overcome with vomiting from that gawdawful Aerosmith song at the end.

In closing, I’ll leave another picture for the ladies. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “>Hey, You Know What Sucks?

  1. Patia

    >I thought it was a bunch of bananas for a minute.Okay, I’ve never watched an episode of American Idol in my life, but that clip seriously gave me the chills. How very wonderful.Hope you made it to the airport without a shredded tire.

  2. Chris

    >I did make it to the airport, thank you. The Hertz attendant really didn’t seem to care about it either. That’s the second trip in a row I’ve reported a problem with a car and the outside attendant just shrugged.

  3. Chris

    >They are pretty much all the same to me. I never have to deal with setting them up because work handles it all, so I just pick up the ride and drop it off.


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