Hip Strip Shenanigans

Technically, I suppose Missoula Downtown runs from the Clark Fork River north to I-90 along Higgins Avenue, as well as a couple blocks east/west along the same corridor. However, much as I love that part of town — and the fact that Missoula’s is so lively — most of my time (and damage to my wallet) is spent in the little area just south of the river, which is called the Hip Strip. Great shops like Betty’s Divine (where Julia puts in hours), Shakespeare and Co. Books, Ear Candy Music, Selvedge Studio, Bernice’s Bakery, KettlehouseLe Petite Outre, Big Dipper friggin’ Ice Cream . . . I could go on. Great stores, fantastic community members and, most importantly, in many cases good friends of ours.

For the last few years the strip throws an end-of-summer block party, where a couple blocks are shut down and everyone gathers for “a carnival of fun, games, live music, neighborhood food and beer, and the best damn fashion show in town!” The fashion show isn’t exactly haute couture, it’s for fun. And it’s pretty ridiculous. I grabbed my camera, took a position at the end of the runway and shot a few hundred pictures. It was a blast, one of the most fun new things I’ve done in a while. Here’s a gallery of just a few images; they can all be seen (140 total) on Flickr, if you like. Don’t these people look like they’re having a blast?

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