>Home Sweet Home

>Made it home last night, finally. It was snowing in Minneapolis, so air traffic in and out of there was all messed up. I ended up 4 hours delayed and didn’t get home until 3:30 AM. That sucked. Consequently today I am tired and cranky. I did get to do something cool yesterday before I flew out — I drove down to Galveston, TX, with my goal being to see the Gulf of Mexico. I pulled it off too:

Looking at my self portrait, I’ve decided I look like shit — all pasty-faced and flushed looking. I blame it on the lingering crud (of course I chose the picture to post where my affliction is least obvious):

Betty’s Blog!

The fine people down at Betty’s Divine have a blog now, and I added it to my list of friends over on the right. You can check it out here as well. I wonder if they can find me a bitchin’ fringed jacket? Hmmmm.

Here’s a shot of a mad game of hokey pokey that broke out down there; I wish I’d witnessed it:

I love the All American tights they’re sporting, especially with the boots. If I could turn the LAZERWOLFS into a Big Show band, I’d go with that pattern in a catsuit thing ala the look the singer for The Darkness used to do:

I would totally rock that. I’d even blow the kisses too. Looking twice, though, I’d probably more go Paul Stanley style, because at least his chest has a proper man-pelt:

The world would never be the same.

9 thoughts on “>Home Sweet Home”

  1. >fringed jacket. Hmmmmmm is right. Freedom tights may be easier to source. We would be honored if you graced the Betty’s stage in the suit, man pelt and all….hope you have your own already, man pelts may be really hard to source.

  2. >The band that’s playing last will benefit from the ‘it always sounds better by the third set’ axiom though.I have to say, you, Patia, and Chris Lombardi through his photos on flickr are giving me what is probably a totally skewed version of life in Missoula – who knew there was so much energetic wackiness in Big Sky Country?

  3. >Hey Ruth, thanks for the comment!There really is a lot of “wackiness” in Missoula. In fact, there is a bumper sticker around town that says, “Keep Missoula Weird.” So your view probably isn’t being skewed by what you are reading, but if you apply that idea to all of Montana, then yeah — that would be an exaggeration.

  4. >Oh, yes, we put the wack in wackiness.Missoula is widely known as “the Berkeley of the Rockies.” And it’s great because it’s so close to Montana.

  5. >Ha – my original comment was supposed to have been on another post so I missed the response – sorry about that, I’ve spent days wondering what I’d said that was so offensive it couldn’t be posted. Well ok, two days.So Berkeley, Austin, Boulder, Missoula – I think we need to start draing a ‘liberal’ map of the US of A. šŸ™‚

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