Hot Portland Hotel Action

In the Portland area for work this week. Spent a long, brain ravaging day at the customer site. Much as I love Portland, and it being a mere 20 minutes or so away, I’m taking it easy this evening in hopes of totally busting loose tomorrow. So I’m going to kick back and read, and maybe even watch a movie. Meanwhile, some of Portland’s finest are keeping me company. Some Widmer Hefeweizen, aided in its consumption by a bottle opener from Draplin Design Co., with inspirational reading from Wend Magazine.

I’ll be fine tonight, folks. Really.


8 thoughts on “Hot Portland Hotel Action”

      1. Skeletonwitch, in a small club, bring back the feeling of seeing Slayer in a small club in the 80s. Their sound is a lot better live, too, and the new drummer is outstanding.

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