How’d Your Summer Reading Go?

Back in June I wrote a blog post about the books I hoped to read over the summer, and actually got some great comments. I also really enjoyed having my list out there as a benchmark to shoot for; not because I thought anyone who frequents this blog was actually wondering, “I wonder how that La Tray guy is doing with his summer reading list?” but just because it seemed to make me accountable to myself. See, I buy too many damn books, and ones that I just had to have when I bought them often get shuffled to the bottom of the old TBR pile as new ones float in and out of the queue. I stacked the ones up I listed next to the little desk I use downstairs, and dove in. Now that summer is over, I thought I’d revisit the list. Yeah, yeah, summer isn’t officially over for a couple weeks yet, but we can pretty much accept Labor Day as the end, can’t we?

So how did I do?

I did read all of those thirteen books I listed. Here they are again, with links to my (very) short reviews on Goodreads:

Besides those books, I also managed to knock these out, getting the last one in just under the wire on Labor Day:

I had a great summer reading. I enjoyed every book, and while I give out a lot of 4-star books I don’t give out that many 5-star ones . . . and more than a couple of these earned the 5. While I read mostly fiction, I managed to read a couple nonfiction titles that really entertained and inspired me. I revisited some old favorite authors and discovered some new ones I can’t wait to read more from. I really have no complaints, and I’ll happily talk about any of these titles if anyone is interested!

What about the rest of you? Read anything good?

Next up . . . the Fall Reading Queue. . . .

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  1. >Thanks, gang. I realized my "how did I do?" question seems a little narcissistic; I meant to kind of be asking myself.It's been a good year for reading. I suppose the fact we really didn't do much this summer has contributed to it.

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