Humor for the Godless Heathens

Last night at band practice we were scheduled to be visited by a photographer from the Independent to take some shots to accompany the article running on the band in this week’s edition. We don’t rehearse in the greatest location for quality Rock imagery, so we walked across the street into the fairgrounds. There are some murals along the midway that the photographer remembered as maybe being decent background material.

Soon as we arrived where he was thinking, we realized they wouldn’t work — the murals are all over what must be, obviously, a booth run by SHEC, i.e. the South Hills Evangelical Church. Obviously not the kind of thing one wants associated with one’s playing of the Devil’s music.

We cracked up, though, at the rough pentagram that some pack of ne’er do wells had scrawled next to it. I’m not condoning this kind of thing (:cough:), but I still got a good giggle out of it.

It’s actually kind of a bizarre mural, with all these little chicks (as in, baby chickens) with human heads. One is even popping out of an egg.

In this next photo, at the far right you see Chad, the photographer, pointing out the image that would make my freakin’ night.

Upon closer look, more graffiti (click the image to see it in large size for greater amusement).

All for the glory of “Satin”? Clearly, the Fallen One needs to institute some standards when it comes to the proper spelling of one of his many diabolical names. Reading that makes me laugh every time — it’s just so damn stupid. There is a Scott H. Biram song where he talks about that very thing, and he even remarks in his song that “That is some stupid shit!”

You think Jesus and Satan every hang out and talk about how moronic their followers can be?

I probably get more of a kick out of this kind of thing than I should, but hey, I think it’s funny.

Speaking of the photographer, Chad Harder. A couple years ago the dude had a climbing accident, I believe it was, where he almost severed his hand. Last I saw him a year or so ago his hand was sort of functional again, but they didn’t know if he’d ever get back enough use of it to even hold a camera. The guy is back in the saddle now, taking pictures again, and I think that’s fantastic.

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  1. I remember one of the early school yard shooters (a youth he was) had “the great satin” carved in the stock of his rifle so never underestimate the power of Satin.

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