>I <3 Naomi Klein

>I hadn’t read anything from Naomi Klein recently, but lo and behold she has two great pieces out.

HERE she makes her case, via the Washington Post, for getting rid of Larry Summers, Obama’s chief economic adviser.

For all his appeals to absolute truths, he has been spectacularly wrong again and again. He was wrong about not regulating derivatives. Wrong when he helped kill Depression-era banking laws, turning banks into too-big-to-fail welfare monsters. And as he helps devise ever more complex tricks and spends ever more taxpayer dollars to keep the financial casino running, he remains wrong today.

Writing in The Nation, she addresses disappointment in Obama via various hope-related maladies.

Hopesick. Like the homesick, hopesick individuals are intensely nostalgic. They miss the rush of optimism from the campaign trail and are forever trying to recapture that warm, hopey feeling–usually by exaggerating the significance of relatively minor acts of Obama decency. Sample sentences: “I was feeling really hopesick about the escalation in Afghanistan, but then I watched a YouTube video of Michelle in her organic garden and it felt like inauguration day all over again. A few hours later, when I heard that the Obama administration was boycotting a major UN racism conference, the hopesickness came back hard. So I watched slideshows of Michelle wearing clothes made by ethnically diverse independent fashion designers, and that sort of helped.”


HERE is a good rebuttal to Naomi’s piece by Katha Pollitt.

I know a lot of people who supported Obama, and every time I see them I ask how they think he’s doing. The only people I’ve found who’ve given up on him, who feel betrayed, misled, and foolish, are those leftists who didn’t like him in the first place and voted for him in a weak moment as the lesser evil. They, predictably, went back to their cabins on Mt. Disdain before Obama had even been inaugurated. Obama will never satisfy the left because no president could. FDR didn’t satisfy the left either.

I’m with Katha. I don’t know of any Obama supporters who have given up on him; hell, I can’t say I’ve given up on him, though I was never “for” him either; I certainly don’t feel “betrayed, misled or foolish.” I hope he succeeds in a way that is favorable to average people, and not just to the people who bankroll our government. I think that success requires people taking shots at his missteps outside of the kneejerk reactions we would expect from the Fox crowd.

Speaking of kickass, take-no-bullshit women journalist/writers. . . .

We have tickets to see Amy Goodman in Missoula tonight. We saw her in Tucson several years ago, and it was great. I’m looking forward to it!

If you aren’t familiar with Amy’s work at Democracy Now!, you should be.

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