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>MySpace has these things called Bulletins. The way they work is you post one and everyone on your “Friends” list can see them. I use MySpace for Lazerwolfs and Tater Pig, because, for better or worse, more and more it seems bands are getting away from “traditional” websites. Anyway, one of the bands that are in the same genre or scene as the ‘wolfs recently put a tour together, and they posted the following bulletin to MySpace just as they were hitting the road:

You know what I hate?

People who lack the courtesy and the balls to respond to my correspondence or return phone calls. Most of which are time sensitive inquiries. It is just downright rude and inconsiderate. Even if your answer is a flat out NO it is best if you at least say so. Don’t leave people who have deadlines to meet sit twisting in the wind guessing. Often a prompt no is as helpful as a yes. If you can’t accommodate someone how fucking hard is it to type N-O? So to all of the bands, clubs and promoters who just ignored my letters and phone calls while booking this tour I offer a hearty …….FUCK YOU!!!

Damn, if I don’t relate to that little bit ‘o vitriol based on my own experience with booking our short little tour. For every 10 messages or so of inquiry I’ve sent out, I get maybe 1 response. MySpace even shows you when your message was read, and in some cases 3 or 4 messages were read and left unresponded to. At this moment, with about a week to go for what I decided my deadline would be to decide exactly what we are doing, I have exactly 15 messages floating in the ether over shows in two different cities, at least 5 of which I know have been read. And this is for a pissant little 7-day run. I can’t imagine dealing with a longer trip! What a nightmare.

One of my pet peeves is people who don’t respond to calls, messages, emails, whatever. I realize that often there are extenuating circumstances. I also don’t mind if I send something unsolicited and don’t get a response. But in the example I’ve given, and you are a club or booking agent or whatever that lists on a website contact info, what to include, where to send it, etc. and then choose to ignore the inquiries, then you suck. Period. I don’t care how many messages you get that cause you to whine about your ability to respond or not. If you feel like you can’t deal with the volume, then get someone who can. It’s that simple.

I run into that at work too. This type of thing overlaps all over the place in day to day life, this is just one example of it. It irritates me.

Now, on a positive note, let me direct your attention to the band ETERNAL ELYSIUM.

They are from Japan (though their bass player is an American woman). They own me lately. I have been digging nightly spins of their latest release, Mysterious Views in Stone Garden, which is a 10″ vinyl out on Belgium’s Electric Earth label. I love it. Here’s what the label has to say about the band:

ETERNAL ELYSIUM – Mysterious views in stone garden
10″ (100 blue / 400 black)

Heavy rock band from Nagoya Japan, deeply influenced by 70’s rock bands like Led Zeppelin, Grand Funk Railroad,… and classic doomrock bands like Black Sabbath Saint Vitus, Pentagram,… This band is around since 1991 and has released several albums and played countless shows around the globe.

This 10″ has the songs of the split with Black Cobra + a new recorded piece of psychedelic heaviness recorded in February 2008.

As a bonus, their’s a fullcolour poster (50cm x 70cm) of the band anno 2008.

I got the limited edition blue vinyl. I’m going to contact the band and see if I can send them the poster, get it signed, and have them send it back. All my enthusiasm for the new Lazerwolfs record has pretty much been washed away by the quality of this band.

If all goes as planned, the Tater Pig record will come out on vinyl. I can’t wait. I love vinyl.

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