>I Can’t Believe My Old Man is a Lung-er

>That’s what Julia said as I was coughing my chest up through my throat at one point this past weekend. If you don’t get it, you probably didn’t watch Deadwood; that’s what they called people suffering from the tuberculosis. Somewhere between Missouri and Missoula last week I managed to catch the lung crud. Hell, the entire house was sick with something, so it wasn’t a particularly fun weekend. Today I had to get up early and catch a flight to Houston. Hopefully my voice will be back in action by tomorrow morning. Here’s a shot out the window of the plane:

I guess I was overdue to get sick, because it had been a while. If it’s going to happen, I’m glad it happened now rather than in a week or so, since we have some shows coming up. I probably could have spared myself some pain by skipping band practice Sunday night and my soccer game Monday night, but it felt good to get out and do something rather than sit around the house choking and sweating. Practice was productive and we won our soccer game, so both were well worth the extra pain.

Speaking of shows, Missoula photographer Charles Martin sent me a few shots from the PBR gig at The Other Side on Valentine’s Day. Dig this:

This shot proudly displays the Rock Vest. Those are all patches of bands you’ve probably never heard of. The very first show we did with Jimmy as our guitar player was opening for the band Spirit Caravan, which was the band the legendary Scott “Wino” Weinrich was in at the time. The patch just above it, The Obsessed, was his first band. He also did some time as the singer in Saint Vitus. Wino is from the DC/Maryland scene, which has spawned more great underground acts than you would realize, and still has just some mindblowing bands playing out there. Clutch (who are playing in Missoula the same night as the finals of the PBR thing next week) is from that area as well, and Wino has played on a couple of their albums. In fact, he has a solo record coming out that features Clutch’s drummer, Jean Paul Gaster, on the skins. I can’t wait to hear that project.

Wino has become a friend of mine, and I admire him a ton. He is also the greatest guitar player I’ve actually witnessed play. Here are a couple pretty cool shots of him:

This last one is a band photo of the last band he had, The Hidden Hand. I post it because I would like to point out the awesome fringed jacket he has on. My life’s goal is to own a fringed jacket some day. I’ve wanted one forever. Not a black leather fringed jacket, I mean like a full-on, Wild Bill Hickok-style fringed jacket.

Since I’m posting pictures like a wild man, here’s another one Charles sent me. This one captures the Power Stance nicely. You won’t get any hopping up and down at a LAZERWOLFS show, just anchored power, baby:

I should wrap up this ramble that has taken me in directions I never expected to go. In fact, I can’t even remember what I was going to say in the first place. In closing, I should point out I revisited this album from Seattle’s grunge days a couple times this weekend, and was reminded just how friggin’ good it is:

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  1. Rebecca

    >I can understand the desire for a particular jacket; I’ve wanted both a Levi’s jean jacket and a black leather motorcycle jacket for years now. Not just any of either, though. I have a particular style in mind.


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