>I Clearly Don’t Get It

>I turned on the TV in hopes Jon Stewart or something was on, and this guy is. Goddamn comedy sucks these days. I swear every comedian grabs at the same low hanging fruit, and people just go nuts. Rednecks, marriage, relationships, etc. I’d rather be a freakin’ grouch.

The entertainment industry is just a big stinking cesspool these days. There has been a total dry spell for movies these days; it’s been several weeks since anything came out that I cared to see. I’ve even looked at the listings the last couple weeks in a row, trying to talk myself into seeing something, and it just isn’t working for me. That is probably a good thing, though. The last time we went to the movies this awful ad played before the feature:

Is that not the biggest piece of shit ever? The song is terrible. The propaganda is terrible. I just hate, hate, everything about it. Speaking of which, do other countries have advertisements for their armed forces? I mean, I don’t have a problem with the Service, but these ads just rub me the wrong way.

Someone needs to beat some sense into Vince Vaughn. When did he decide he was only going to be in really shitty movies, like this one? And who the hell would download a wallpaper for a movie like that? I mean, does your desktop really scream for this?

I went and worked out at a Gold’s Gym tonight because the hotel doesn’t have a fitness room and provides free passes to the Gold’s down the street instead. It was like walking into a mall. There was a spa, a tanning place, a little restaurant, a merch area. Some old guy that had to be on ‘roids because his arms and neck (and head) were puffed up like nothing I’ve ever seen. Lots of flat, flat asses in spandex totally overbalanced by enormous chests. I’m surprised they even let me in there because I was 1) the fattest guy there, 2) did not have a ball cap on, let along on backwards, and 3) was not displaying a particularly stupid tattoo. One guy not only had a barbed wire tattoo, he also had a t-shirt on that had a barbed wire graphic wrapping around his torso. God, what a tool.

That Gold’s Gym must be a good racket to be in, though, seeing as how the Missoula owner drives around in a garishly painted yellow Hummer. It probably has barbed wire graphics all over the seats.

Thank god this Jeff Dunham is finely over. I swear Bill O’Reilly doesn’t make me as cranky as this guy did.

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