>I Close My Eyes, Only for a Moment and the Moment’s Gone

>I tend to think I dislike poetry, and not just because I suck at it. Usually I think I hate it. So much of it is so obtuse that I feel dumb trying to figure it out, so I wave my middle finger at the page. The rest of it seems to belong in a Hallmark card. I wave my middle finger at that stuff too. At least once a year I try and “get it” but usually I don’t. I have a couple books of poetry that I look in now and then, but I’ve about given up on trying to be a fan. I respect poets and the thankless world they’ve chosen to live in, but so many of them come across to me as picky folks who talk too quiet. I’m about half deaf; if you want to reach, speak up.

At the same time, every now and then one will just jump up unexpectedly and kick me in the gut. Like this one from the Sept/Oct issue of Orion Magazine:


It’s down. The hornets’ nest.
Now first sting of frost on the ground

and we see no threat

only the hollow where harm lived.

Everything the season housed has flown:

yellow jackets idling low in the grass,

bats fanning the dusk, the hornets

threading close to the roof.

When we were children

we’d leap from our beds,

arms flung wide. In the seconds
before landing, we didn’t know fear

resides in gravity or stars fall

into themselves. We imagined rising

over the roofs not like souls

detached from bodies, but as bodies

resisting the world. Light in my hands

when I lifted it from the eave, fervor gone,

no longer wadded in industry, this testament

to vanishings is almost too fragile to hold.

– Michelle Gillett

I can’t tell you why I like it. I just do. Maybe there is hope for me yet. For the record, Orion is one of, if not my numero uno, favorite reads. So what if I’m a couple issues behind in reading it.

Use Your Pay Pal

I just ordered this album, which is “officially” released on Tuesday. You should too. It’s going to be magnificent.

It’s the first solo album from my friend and musical shaman, Scott “Wino” Weinrich. I’ve talked about it before, and I damn well will again.

And I haven’t even talked about SHRINEBUILDER yet.

2 thoughts on “>I Close My Eyes, Only for a Moment and the Moment’s Gone

  1. Seano

    >Chris, I enjoyed what I heard of Lazerwolf’s material on the page….if you ever come through Philly I’ll be there with horns up.Had no idea Wino has new material out..thanks. He’s a hard guy to keep track of….Saw Him Play with Spirit Caravan on a Barge in NYC….love Jug Fulla Sun…….

  2. Chris

    >Seano, you made my day. Not about our music (though I much appreciate the comment!), but the acknowledgment of Wino. Jug Fulla Sun is definitely a “desert island” disc for me. Heavy, soulful rock gets no better than that!


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