I De-Tune, ‘Jus For You!

I think the internet must be heaven for gearheads. I know Jimmy, the guitar player for LAZERWOLFS, spends a lot of his free time trolling for amps, pedals, and things like that. I like good gear, but I don’t spend a lot of time researching it. If I want to know something, I’ll usually just ask Jimmy. Anyway, what is great for this is how all of this stuff often have videos where you can hear an amp, hear a pedal, get instruction videos, see endorsees playing their signature guitars, etc. Some of these videos are helpful, and some are just comedy gold. Like this one, forwarded to me yesterday by my friend Ednor. Even if you don’t give a rip about guitar tuners, you should watch it.

The Bright Side of Bad Times

This from Publishers Weekly: “Good Worlds and Bad”

While some readers look for dark fiction to reflect dark times, others just want to get away from it all. This has led to strong sales on all sides of science fiction and fantasy, from pulpy escapist romps to grim dystopian parables. “In down times, escapism is more important and necessary than ever,” says Diana Gill, executive editor of the Eos imprint at HarperCollins, “and genre sales reflect that. We saw this after 9/11, and it continues to be true now. Urban and supernatural fantasy are unquestionably the strongest sellers in the genre.”

Here is a quote a little deeper into the article:

Jim Minz, senior editor at Baen Books, says the economy/escapism extrapolation is overly simplistic. “While it’s easy to make the connection between the harsh, depressing headlines and a desire to escape to another world, a place where it’s obvious who’re the good guys and who’re the bad, the reality is never that simple,” he explains. “Whether you’re talking about fantastic tales told around the campfire before recorded history or the latest embossed and foiled space opera adventure, these tales have always found their roots in our world. No matter how inventive the tale, how strange the creatures, how bizarre the alien society, their roots, reflections and inspirations are all around us, a part of the fabric of our world.”

What it boils down to for me is good stories told well, and there are great stories to be found in genre fiction. Don’t be a snob about it.

As For Something I Hate

I hated, I mean hated, that book Eat, Pray, Love for a lot of reasons, even though I finished it. Obviously I wasn’t the target demographic, but that is only part of why l found it loathesome (I picked it up because I was on a travel book kick and it was all over the travel section of the bookstore I was in somewhere at the time). Now they are making a friggin’ movie about it. I don’t think this synopsis really explains the book very well, if I recall:

Based on the international bestseller by Elizabeth Gilbert, story centers on a married woman who embarks on a journey of self-discovery after trying to get pregnant and realizing that she’s not living the life she wants. Murphy adapted the screenplay.

Seems to me the book was more about a woman hopping from one “soul mate” to another, whining about everything, and being generally annoying. I’m sure the movie will be huge too since Julia Roberts has seemed to master all of those traits as well. Blah.

A Real Author and a Real Movie, Hopefully?

This could be awesome: A Princess of Mars

Andrew Stanton’s adaptation of the Edgar Rice Burroughs pulp legend John Carter of Mars just got a new screenwriter… and it’s one of the writers who best understands pulp science fiction.Michael Chabon, author of such books as The Amazing Adventures Of Kavalier & Clay and The Yiddish Policemen’s Union, has signed on to rewrite the script for Disney’s big-screen adaption of A Princess of Mars, the first of eleven books in the John Carter saga. Chabon’s previous screenwriting experience is writing a draft of Spider-Man 2, although only about a third of his material made it to the finished film.

Chabon is fantastic (they should make a movie out of Gentlemen of the Road; not his best book, but it would be fun on screen), but I worry that this is a Disney flick. I read somewhere else that it would be animated. I have high hopes, but I expect them to be dashed. I’m trusting you, Mr. Chabon!

Weather permitting, I’m going to walk out into the fountains in downtown Spokane this weekend looking just like this:

Then again, I don’t know that there is enough wax in the universe to make me look like that.

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  1. >I only somewhat hated “Eat, Pray, Love.” Mostly I was just incredibly jealous that she got a $50,000 advance to go travel and play. But I was also incensed by the scene in which her boyfriend gives a Barbie doll to a little Indonesian girl with no consideration whatsoever of the socio-feminist implications. The movie synopsis doesn’t sound anything at all like the book. Weird.

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