6 thoughts on “>I Don’t Know What Got Into Him”

  1. >David, I think it looks good too. I think it will help with his job prospects as well, but I wasn't going to ride him about that. It's one of those things I was going to let him learn for himself.April, he'll figure out a way. He said he hated it because it would always get in his mouth in the throes of rocking. I have the same problem. I've been thinking of chopping mine of too, but so far I've held off. The only thing worse for me than long hair is short hair, heh.Becky, word is his band might be playing in your area the weekend of the 1st or something. I'll try and get some details and let you know.

  2. >Ha! I love it. The obstacles of head-banging. And I imagine it can't be done with your mouth closed. Not properly, anyway. Go SId. Rock it your way, man.

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