I Got Some Catching Up To Do

I feel like I’ve been seriously neglecting this damn blog, but I’ve been so freakin’ busy. As it is I’m writing from the food court of the “C” concourse at O’Hare International (arguably my least favorite airport I frequent), sitting in a sweaty patch of sun but unwilling to relinquish my seat. Anyway, I hope to get some catching up done on a lot of correspondance I’m being neglectful of in the coming week. As well as some other stuff.

Last weekend was the culmination of a big time burner, that being the Day of the Dead Festival Benefit show at The Badlander that TATER PIG played, and we set up, promoted, lobbied for sponsorships for, etc. We also played the Hip Strip Block Party earlier that day. My photographer friend Charles Martin was there and took pictures of us, but he’s been too busy to post any of his photos for me to steal to show you we were actually there, so there you go. Here’s a shot of the intrepid picture-taker himself, though, dueling with yours truly:

TATER PIG played The Badlander with Danny Wildcard and Black Velvet Elvis. Danny was great, he played a bunch of cool tunes accompanying himself on the banjo. He was also a great guy — just a total nut. He was a lot of fun. Folks who missed him missed out.

BVE played after us. They were good, but a little disappointing in a fashion that Charles best describes on his blog, right here.

Olivia, the singer, is a sweetheart and gets a lot of great pictures taken of her (she is plastered all over the windows of Betty’s Divine in damn near lifesize fashion). I am going to make my contribution to the body of work dedicated to O-Face with this shot of her feet:

Eat your heart out, Ross Halfin.

I’ve been busy with LAZERWOLFS stuff too, which I thought would die down a little after the tour; if anything it has been busier. I’ve done a couple interviews, one of which resulted in THIS PIECE in the Entertainer, which is our first ever appearance in a Missoulian-related publication, if I’m not mistaken. Turns out Jamie Kelly and I grew up about the same time in Missoula and know a lot of the same people, which was something of a surprise to me. I thought he was younger than me; he certainly looks better. More stuff coming up too, with shows, a potential radio interview @ Z100, etc. Most importantly, we are “officially” celebrating the release of our new album, La Bruja, with our first ever appearance at The Badlander downtown. We are playing with 3 other great bands, and will be going on early — so get there early if you care to attend!

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