>I’m Gonna Work the Saw. . . .

>. . . make the sweat drip out of every pore.

2nd trip of the year finds me in Wichita. Of course the title/opening line of this post is a White Stripes reference. Maybe you’re too hip to like the White Stripes, but I love them. We were supposed to go see them in Salt Lake last February, but their tour was canceled on account of Meg having some extreme anxiety problems. I don’t blame her. It can’t be easy being in a band with an ex who is now married to a supermodel. Then there was the whole thing with the “Meg White Sex Tape” floating around the internet which turned out to be bogus. Not that I ever watched it. I wasn’t in it, so why bother? I’m pretty sure that if Meg ever did do a sex tape, though, she’d want me in it.

I Want a Living Roof

On the way out here, I read Stoneview: How to Build an Eco-Friendly Little Guesthouse. I dug it. I’ve been lusting after a living roof for a couple years now, and I bought this book specifically to indulge my fantasy even further. A little building like this will be perfect for a studio in the future, once we sell the current place and downsize. I helped Julia build a straw bale house the last year she was in Tucson, and it was pretty awesome. The next one will be even better. And out back will be a smaller building, like one of these, and they’ll both have living roofs on them. Hell yeah!

I hadn’t thought that much about cordwood building before. It seems cool enough, but I think I’d still use straw, just because I think I prefer the aesthetics of stucco better than the look of the cordwood stuff. The cordwood is still real cool, though, especially using the sand/lime mortar described in the book instead of concrete. I think a wall built like that would be especially cool.

2 thoughts on “>I’m Gonna Work the Saw. . . .

  1. Rebecca

    >Damn, I’m jealous. A friend and I were going to see them in Boise last year. Our plans were aborted when the band canceled due to Meg’s anxiety problems and she (the friend) balked at paying the steep ticket price.

  2. Chris

    >I hope I get to see them before they call it a day, that’s for sure. We are going to go see The Black Keys in Portland in April. That should be awesome.


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