>Impending Doom

>I’ve been watching clips online of Hurricane Ike bearing down on Galveston, TX. This stuff is always more compelling to me when it involves a place I’ve actually visited. Last February I was in Houston for work and wrapped up with a few hours to spare. I took the opportunity to drive down to Galveston so that I could see the Gulf of Mexico.

It was a beautiful day out, 70 degrees; compared to what it was like in Missoula at that time, it was a welcome respite from winter. I drove straight to the opposite side where I could see the wide open gulf.

A couple things struck me. I was actually surprised that the beach I visited wasn’t more built up. A couple big hotels, some restaurants, and that was about it. Being winter it was pretty dead, but I still expected more luxury. The other thing of note was how gross the water was. It just seemed . . . foul. Totally unlike either the Pacific or the Atlantic, at least the parts I’ve been to. I just watched a news clip online talking about all the debris being thrown up by the waves that are moving ahead of the hurricane being a hazard, and I’m not surprised.

I had a project I was working on in Indianola, FL, which is right by Melbourne, FL, a few years ago. I asked them then about hurricanes, and they just laughed it off, saying the never get them. That same year, they had three blow right through there. I went back about a month later, and most of the hotels and restaurants were shut down, most businesses had boards in place of windows, etc. Remembering that, I think of the quaint little historic downtown of Galveston and wonder how much will be destroyed. Then again, the older buildings have probably weathered storms like this before, so they’ll probably survive. It’s the new places – the cheap theme restaurants and fastfood joints – that will probably get blown away.

The ocean freaks me out in ways that nothing else does. I remember standing on the beach in Florida at night, the waves rolling in, not long after the big tsunami in Asia, reflecting. It was ominous. A family was fishing from the beach, and a teenager had just reeled in a small hammerhead shark, right from the beach.

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  1. >Was that seriously Ron Paul’s office in Galveston? I imagine him operating from an underground concrete bunker.I drove through Ike on my way from Austin to Dallas on Saturday. It wasn’t any different than driving through blowing snow here in January; most of the danger was from the crazy careless drivers on the road.I love the ocean. There’s nothing more awesome on this planet, and that includes the way my hair puffs up in the humid Texas air like a dandelion gone to seed.

  2. >Rebecca, I thought you might have been in the area, and I was wondering about you. Glad to see you apparently got in and out of there without too much difficulty.

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