Indy Update

Live update from the Indianapolis airport before I dig into the new Jim Harrison novel. It’s one of my favorite airports. Tons of natural light, people move quickly through check-in and security, and I’ve never been hassled.


I spent my first evening here re-arranging my travel schedule. I was supposed to go to Montgomery, Alabama next week, but instead I’m headed to Mexico. That should be interesting, as I’m headed to Torreon, which is no border town. I’ve never been so deep into that country before, and I look forward to it.

Of course the middle-aged upper middle class white people I work with on these projects are all in a tizzy over going somewhere “so dangerous.” It’s not like I’m negotiating an arms deal with some guy doing business out of the back of a hijacked semi. It’s a legitimate business no different from the place I visited here in Indy. Probably less disfunctional too. My primary work partner from the main office, Jill, said “You planning on coming back?” She knows the deal….

After Mexico it’s a mini vacation to Tucson. Then in subsequent weeks I go to Alabama, then Milwaukee/Chicago, then Baltimore. Trips looming in the Bay Area and Austin; possibly Australia as well. It’s looking like a busy spring…..




4 thoughts on “Indy Update

  1. Richard

    Man, I hate to travel like that. Once in a while, okay, on vacation, like down to Monterey last year, or up to Seattle, or just over to the coast. Airports, the security, attitudes, crowded planes, it all drives up the wall. I don’t envy you, Chris, even though you seem to enjoy the travel part. But then I’m an old guy in Portland, so what do I know?

    1. Chris Post author

      To be honest, Richard, I hate most of it myself. Especially this time of year, a trip like this last one to Indy just feels like 4 days from my life I’ll never get back. I do my best to make the best of them, but it isn’t always possible. And I am very, very sick of airports, lines, being herded like beeves, etc., just as you say. I still really love to travel — personal travel — but the work stuff, not so much.

  2. lauren

    That’s a lot o’ travel. But I always enjoy hearing your road stories, but I’m with Richard I don’t envy you the airport parts. Hope the Bay Area comes to fruition. And half my family is in Australia, if you want/need any info from that front. Anxious to hear what you think of the Harrison.

    1. Chris Post author

      Jim Harrison is one of my top few favorite writers, easily. I’m reviewing this one for the Indy. I’m sure I’ll be posting the link here.


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