>I’m finding my mood to be a little sour this afternoon. Probably the result of a couple weeks in a row of vacation, sun, and some culinary indulgences that have been few and far between of late. Now it’s back to the usual routine, and it’s making me irritable. And it’s been snowing all afternoon. Normally I’d like that, but not today, for some reason. Here are some other examples of things driving me nuts over the last couple hours.

1. Soreness

I enjoy working out. Over the past 4 days I’ve played an indoor soccer game, ran a couple miles, gone on a couple 8 mile virtual bike rides at the gym, hit the weight pile a couple times, and did a heavy bag/jump rope workout. After a couple weeks of missing “traditional” workouts, it’s left me feeling a bit sore. What sucks is it would be nice if fat would get a little sore when it melts away, but it doesn’t. Yeah, sore legs and all are great, but I can cop a feel on myself and know my legs are bitchin’ly muscled . . . what about my prodigious belly? It just seems to stay the same. The only time it gets sore is when I do something heinous to ADD to it! Like ice cream. Or greasy meat.

2. This friggin’ cat

I liked her better when she avoided upstairs because of the dogs. But now she thinks she’s one of them, and she’s always on my desk, just like in this picture, bothering me. Friggin’ little beast.

3. This friggin’ dog

Because of certain bad behavior, during the winter she has to wear a dog diaper in the house. So she always comes in here and rubs against the back of my legs trying to scrape it off. That and she now and then chases the cat. Which causes an uproar.

Both of these pets have been seeing the business end of my water spray bottle today, the little bastards.

I’m just glad tomorrow’s Friday.

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