>It Can’t Always Be About Critical Hits and Damage Rolls

>When I was driving home after taking Sid to school this morning, I heard on the radio a bit about how Obama was calling some emergency meeting at the White House with his whole economic “team”, which includes Bernanke, Summers, Geithner, etc. What a bunch of crooks. You think he’s laying into them for being a bunch of assholes, or is this a case of figuring out how to do some damage control because of all the heat that is coming down these days? I’m thinking the latter. Or maybe they will try to continue what they’re doing, only with puppies as well.

Matt Taibbi has a scathing piece today titled “Obama’s Top Economic Adviser Is Greedy and Highly Compromised”, where he does a great job of connecting all the dots — dots in this case being assholes — between their former positions and where they are now.

I remember watching Obama the presidential candidate give a speech in Mason City, Iowa, in 2007. Obama had made a big show of not having registered lobbyists working for his campaign, and he promised that lobbyists “won’t work in my White House.” The line was a hit and became part of Obama’s stump speech. I must have heard it two dozen times.

A little over a year later, he put a registered lobbyist of a bailed-out investment bank into a job whose primary responsibility is administering bailout money.

I think Obama has made some good moves in the short time he’s been in the saddle, and his rhetoric abroad is certainly easier on the ears than his predecessor’s. Nonetheless, in the big issues, I think his administration is demonstrating that when it comes to money and power, they ain’t that different from the jerks on the other side of the aisle. Taibbi closes his piece with this:

Most importantly, I’m sensing in these economic appointments a kind of drearily cynical parsing of the approval-ratings situation — Obama knows he’s still flying high with the “Yes We Can!” T-shirt crowd and knows that most people simply are not going to give a shit if he packs his Treasury Department with Goldman alums and lobbyists, despite the fact that he explicitly promised to do otherwise.

I don’t trust these guys at all. I’m not on board with the mouth-frothing all those Fox News types are engaging in, but I also think it’s important to maintain a healthy distrust between us plebes and the people in the fancy shoes that walk the halls of power. I don’t care what they say, I don’t think any of them know enough what the real world is like to have any grasp of what is in our best interests anyway. And that goes for our new President too. He proved it with his choice of economic advisors. He needs to get rid of those sons-a-bitches.

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Personally, I don’t really give a rip . . . but at least it’s the season for this genius bit of movie making:


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  1. catnapping

    >I would have voted for Kucinich, given the opportunity…But Obama was a better choice that McBush and Clinton…although embracing the whole cheneyesque whitehouse-is-above-the-law crap is NOT what I expected from him.He got in there because we believed he’d be NOT Bush. And yet, here he is making decisions I would have expected from Clinton or McCain.


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