>It Was a Throw Down

>If you were one of the lucky ones at The Other Side last night, you witnessed a display of awesome power the likes of which won’t be seen again . . . until March 6th, that is. LAZERWOLFS came out on top of our preliminary round, with Black Velvet Elvis also advancing to the finals. Apparently we were #1 in judges voting, and #2 in ballot voting (despite not a single representative of my witty email beseeching folks to come out in support showing up, or replying to it, for that matter; god knows I won’t debase myself to do that again).

It was a long night. Got there at 8:00 in the event the friends we invited early would show up. None did, but there were plenty of our friends from other bands around town there. The free keg dried up in a hurry. After that, it seemed someone was putting a beer in my hand every time it was empty. It was reasonably crowded; Jimmy turned to me in irritation at one point and said, “The next time some little 5’2” European-looking guy bumps my elbow, I am going to freak out!” That was the quote of the night, because in context it was hilarious; you’d have to know Jimmy, I guess. My friend Marcus from Mahamawaldi was there as well. He kept pulling PBR tall ones he had stashed in his jacket (replenished from his car); he handed one to me and said, “Keg’s empty, and I can’t let a brother pay $3.00 for a beer.” What a guy. Here’s a shot of him rocking out courtesy of Chris Lombardi. If it looks like he is shredding with only one arm, it is because he is:

It was hard to wait until 11:50 to go on, but we did. And we unloaded a punishing 30 minutes of rock that went over great. It was a blast. What more can I say about it? We go back on the 6th of March for the finals. We won’t win, but we’ll rock.

Today we had to be at The Trail for an interview. Jimmy and I made it, and Bubba was supposed to too, but he never showed. I videotaped it and will upload it after I find some kind of utility that will let iMovie edit a .mpg file. For now, here’s a shot of Jimmy looking weary as a guy who had been coaxing thunder out of a Gibson Les Paul Elegant a mere 12 hours earlier:

It was fun. But I’m tired tonight. An evening of rock followed by 3 hours of sleep will do that to a guy. Some guy was taking pictures and said he’d have copies to us within 48 hours. I hope he comes through.

2 thoughts on “>It Was a Throw Down”

  1. >Dude, it was Valentine’s night. What do you expect? Sure, it’s a sucky, consumer culture-driven faux holiday for saps, but perhaps, just perhaps many of the folks you sent that e-mail to were busy getting their Hallmark-sanctioned freak on.Keep us informed about the next show!

  2. >What’s the point of a blog if a guy can’t piss and moan about meaningless, irrational stuff? I’m just pissed that the damn show stole my Hallmark-sanctioned freak!Know what else sucks? The finals are the same night as the Clutch show at the Wilma. Every rock fan that voted for us is going to be there instead of the Other Side show . . . including me! I’m just hoping we play early so I can jump offstage, into a waiting limo, and be whisked off to see one of the greatest live bands in the universe. THAT is my plan.

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