It’s the End of an Era

I got irritated and annoyed one time too many yesterday, and took action. This:

Had to go to make room for this:

I haven’t had short hair for, I don’t know, five years or so, at least. I don’t feel emasculated yet, but I haven’t been back to the weight room either. Watch me have to take a few plates off the bar.

My barber said it made me look younger. Who knows. I’ll just have to find something new to complain about now.

13 thoughts on “It’s the End of an Era

  1. G

    >I've done the opposite. Been shaving my head for five years.Kind of scared to see what color my hair actually is nowadays.

  2. Chris

    >David, I too leave the goatee alone after one vast mistake a couple years ago.Patti, you had a shot at me letting you touch my still beautiful, luxurious hair at NoirCon. But now you can FORGET IT! Heh.


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