>Julia’s Big Mention!

>Congrats to our friends at Betty’s Divine on winning 3 categories in the Independent‘s 2009 Best of Missoula issue! What’s cool is Julia gets a mention in the little blurb that accompanies it!

Fashion and Beauty

Best Boutique
Best Men’s Clothing

Best Women’s Clothing: Betty’s Divine

According to the Indy’s readers, Betty’s Divine has solved the problem of shopping as a couple, serving the fashion savvy of both sexes. The lady wants a stylish, locally made bag from Donkeygirl to go with her Free People top? Betty’s has it. The dude’s neglected his laundry too long and needs some choice UZI tees ASAP? Betty’s has it. Forget traipsing from store to store catering to individual tastes. Betty’s is Missoula’s one-stop choice for clothing, and takes both categories for the second year in a row.

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