Just in Time for eBook October

Being kind of anal about my TBR pile, I decided a couple months ago to break months into themes now and then as far as my reading choices go. Since I have a growing queue of unread books in various electronic formats, I decided to knock that list back a little by devoting all of my reading in October to eBooks. Great idea, right? So I immediately proceeded to buy a couple that just came out to read first, both by excellent writers with follow-ups to electronic releases read earlier this yearand loved. These titles are all available for $.99 each, so one shouldn’t even think twice about checking them out.

Adventures of Cash Laramie and Gideon Miles, Volume Two by Edward A. Grainger

Adventures of Cash Laramie and Gideon Miles Vol. II continues to chronicle the tales of two unorthodox 19th century U.S. Marshals. With seven more adventures, this collection includes the novella “Origin of White Deer” where the outlaw marshal leaves his Arapaho home as a teen to find his roots in the lawless town of Cheyenne, Wyoming. These noir tales infuse the Western genre with a fresh perspective on topics like race relations and social justice while still delivering pulse-racing action in the tradition of Wanted: Dead or Alive and Gunsmoke.

Great Western short stories here from Edward A. Grainger, aka David Cranmer. The first collection was excellent. This one is even better. Cranmer is a great guy who also edits the fantastic Beat to a Pulp webzine. He also published my first story, “The Pickle.” I’d love this collection even if I didn’t think Dave is such a stand-up guy who deserves every imaginable accolade. I read this in one sitting and enjoyed every minute of it.

Dead Wood by Dani Amore

In the exclusive enclave of Grosse Pointe, Michigan, a woman who builds custom guitars is murdered. A disgraced ex-cop turned private investigator is hired by the dead woman’s father and immediately becomes the target of a violent ex-convict. An enigmatic music star performs damage control on her links to the dead woman. And a professional killer who idolizes Keith Richards is brought into town by a mysterious employer.

Dead Wood is what great mysteries are all about: love, hate, faith and vengeance, all wrapped up in an explosive story that simply refuses to let up.

I read Dani’s debut, Death By Sarcasm, and really dug it. I think this one is even better, even though I thought I’d decided I needed to take a break from PI novels. Dani Amore has a real gift for humor and one-liners, and this one continues the tradition. It’s a little more subtle this time around, which is perfect. She also handles the inner workings of a top tier music personality very well, and I enjoyed that. I think we’ll be hearing a lot more from Dani Amore, and word on the street is that she’s working on the follow-up to this one. That is something to look forward to. She’s putting stuff out as eBooks that crushed plenty of mystery novels being released in hardback. Shows what the so-called “gatekeepers” know.

Speaking of Dani Amore, she also put a short story out that is something different entirely. . . .

Pound it Home by Dani Amore

Paul Davies has just finished building a brand-new kitchen for his sexy-as-hell wife, Melissa. He has a bottle of champagne ready to celebrate, but Melissa has a whole different idea of how to break in the new room. Let’s just say, sizzling sex is definitely on the menu.

When I ordered this, based on her previous work I was under the impression this might be some kind of comic romp. It ain’t. This is straight up, detail-oriented, hardcore erotica. That means it’s not for everyone, but for people who aren’t afraid of some explicit sex, it’s a fun read. I admire Dani for putting this out. Most authors are paranoid about “alienating their audience” if they take a chance with something outside of their usual niche. I like people who just write and release it, regardless of what is expected. Good stuff. Order it. Order everything I just mentioned.

As for the rest of my eBook October, I’ll be reading stuff from Christa Faust, Sophie Littlefield, Charlie Stella, Mark Sundeen, Chuck Dixon, Roger Smith and more.

8 thoughts on “Just in Time for eBook October”

  1. Okay, so now there’s no way I’m not going to read Pound it Home … forget the review, the book cover is … well, forgetaboutit …

    I can’t tell you how backed up I am (reading) … and I probably won’t get to that one for a long while … I’ve got Declan Burke’s Absolue Zero up soon as I finish my craft essays for this month’s school assignments (some great stuff by Richard Yates and Andrew Dubus (the father).

    I was on a reading binge until I went on a writing binge and now I’m caught between both binges … it’s a beautiful thing.

  2. Reading’s the way to get there (for me). Reading Richard Bausch short stories put me on my current state … then I went to Richard Yates and his stuff has sustained it. I wound up dumping the novel I was writing for class and turned to short stories … can’t seem to stop with them (feels like a new idea hits about every other day) … whether I’ll be able to do anything with them besides take up space on my hard drive is another matter for another day (sort of like paying off my school loans some day) … nothing to be concerned about now.

    1. Charlie, I don’t know that I’ve ever read any short stories you’ve written. I’d like to.

      I got a jolt of inspiration this past weekend at the Montana Festival of the Book, hanging out with some great writers, discussing books, etc. That’s always a good time. It always makes me question the stuff I’m writing, but that’s an entirely different topic, heh.

  3. Chris, before I forget … Barry Graham’s, The Champion’s New Clothes has a pretty wonderful sex scene or two (no holds barred) …

    And I can always use a reader, brother. I’d love to try a few of my MFA stories on someone. Say the word.

    1. I read that Graham book, Charlie. I think off your recommendation too, though I’d already read his Blue-eyed Boy book. I also just read his latest on Switchblade too; it’s another good one. I have a couple more of his books waiting in my Kindle ap.

      As for your stories, I’d be happy to read them. Send them to chrislatray@gmail.com whenever you want to share them. Thanks!

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