>Keep Her Away From the Gamma Rays

>We went and saw the new Alice in Wonderland movie this evening. It was okay, it had its moments. Loved Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen. All in all I think I’m pretty much over Tim Burton, though. And no, we didn’t see the 3D version. I’ve decided that, like eBooks, I’m against 3D. The notion, as has been discussed, that most movies are headed toward 3D pisses me off. Just like the notion of physical books going away pisses me off. I don’t want “a more immersive” or “more interactive” experience in either medium.

As for Alice, the best part of the movie was getting to see what our psychotic dog, Velcro —

— would be like if she ever turned into a Hulk-version of herself.

That’s truly a scary notion. Though, as has been stated before, I don’t sweat the freakin’ Hulk.

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