>La Quinta Inn Ain’t No MGM Grand

>I’m ensconced in a motel just north of Houston, TX. It’s one of those hotels that the doors open out to the parking lot; I know some people I’ve encountered on my travels who also travel a lot refuse to stay at these places, but I don’t really mind. I figure if someone broke in in the middle of the night it would add an element of excitement lacking on most of these work trips.

This is one of those 3 nights, 3 different motels runs. I’m not a big fan of doing two separate projects in one trip, but it eliminates a second flight out to this neck of the woods. At least I will have two nights in Austin, a city I’ve never visited before. Rebecca has provided me a long list of restaurants and shops to visit, and I intend to make good on at least a couple of them! I forgot my damn camera, so there won’t be any stunning photography to accompany it. Here’s a picture of where I’m staying, however:

My flight from Salt Lake City to Houston was about half-filled with an invading army of Mormon missionaries; there must have been at least 20 or 30 of them. All young men except for one young woman. She was kind of cute, and I felt sorry for her. Then again, in a sausage fest like that she could probably take her pick of which guy she wanted to have a dozen kids with.

Speaking of religion, I just read Sarah Vowell’s latest, The Wordy Shipmates. I love Sarah Vowell, but I don’t know that this is her best work. I still liked it a lot, though. It’s about the early puritans who came over from England and settled into Massachusetts. On a further religious note, we also went and say Bill Maher’s Religulous Saturday night. The movie was better than I’d expected; atheists in particular should be left feeling smug and all knowing afterwards. I’m no fan of organized religion, so I got a kick out of it too. One thing he leaves out are some bare-knuckled attacks on Judaism. Yeah, he pokes some fun at a couple Jewish whackadoos, but he doesn’t go after the religion with the same enthusiasm as he does Christians or Muslims. Why not? Is it because he is half-Jewish? Is it because he’s afraid to, since anything less than 100% support of Jews and Israel tends to brand one anti-Semite? I suspect the latter, and that kind of sucks. It made me realize how ignorant I am of how Israel came to be; how ignorant most of us probably are. I’d like to find a good, fact-based history of how the country originated.

I’m reading Naomi Wolf’s latest, Give Me Liberty – A Handbook for American Revolutionaries. I also just learned they made a documentary out of her last book. I loved that book; I’ll need to look for the movie.

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