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>The other night we were sitting around the dinner table talking about rock shows. LAZERWOLFS have a couple on the imminent horizon, and we were talking about a couple things we might try and do with TATER PIG. I had gotten word from a friend of mine that CLUTCH is coming to town, which is awesome because I love that band, and they are one of the best live shows in the business. Sid remarked that some guy at a pawn shop told him that Ace Frehley is also coming to town. I scoffed, of course. Ace Frehley? In Missoula? Riiight. Still, I was intrigued, because I know he is working on a new record and has done a couple shows out east in the fall and winter, so I did a little research and learned. . . .


Words alone cannot express the spasms this has inflicted on my brain. Yesterday I felt like I’d eaten an entire box of caffeine pills I was so wired. I mean, Ace is 25% of the reason I ever got into rock in the first place, and continue to play; you think it’s easy unleashing this kind of high octane thunder at my age? You try it! Well, actually, since I was never a big Peter Criss fan it’s more like Ace is 33 1/3% of the reason I’m still fighting the fight. Christ, the first album I ever bought was “Love Gun” way back in 1977. Sadly, I’ve only seen Ace live once, and that was on the KISS reunion tour. Seeing his solo outfit will be unbelievable. I was fortunate enough to be in LA last year concurrent with PAUL STANLEY doing a stop on his solo tour, which I saw at the House of Blues in Hollywood. It was, in a word, MIND-FREAKIN’-BLOWING! I about broke out in tears when, after opening with the title cut from his “Live to Win” solo album, he ripped into the classic “Got to Choose”; these are pictures from that very show :

The beauty of the Ace show is that he isn’t the consummate professional that Paul is. The show could be every bit as mindblowing, or it could be a total train wreck depending on how Ace is clinging to sobriety these days, and whether or not he remembers the words and licks to his songs. Still, I can’t wait. Dig this set list he did in New York on Halloween; I don’t see how it could get better:

  • Rip It Out (from ‘78 KISS solo album; also a song Lazerwolfs cover)
  • Hard Times (from ‘79 KISS album “Dynasty”)
  • Parasite (from ‘74 KISS album “Hotter Than Hell”)
  • Snowblind (from ‘78 KISS solo album)
  • I Want You (from ‘76 KISS album “Rock and Roll Over”)
  • Rock Soldiers (from ‘87 solo album “Frehley’s Comet”)
  • Breakout (from ‘87 solo album “Frehley’s Comet”)
  • Into The Void (from ‘98 KISS album “Psycho Circus”)
  • Strange Ways (from ‘74 KISS album “Hotter Than Hell”)
  • Shock Me (from ‘77 KISS album “Love Gun”)
  • New York Groove (from ‘78 KISS solo album)
  • Shot Full Of Rock (from ‘89 solo album “Trouble Walkin’”)
  • Rocket Ride (from ‘77 KISS album “Alive II”)
  • Covers Medley – “My Generation”, “How Many More Times”, “Bring It On Home”
  • Highway To Hell (AC/DC Cover)
  • Love Gun (from ‘77 KISS album “Love Gun”)
  • Deuce (from ‘74 KISS album “KISS”)
  • Cold Gin (from ‘74 KISS album “KISS”)

So the gears have been turning. I need to find out how to contact the promoter but the Wilma ain’t answering or returning my calls. There is no support act listed, but I need to get the ‘wolfs on the bill if at all possible. I know support out east, for at least one show, was some awful Alice in Chains tribute band. That would SUCK if it were something like that. Or, worse, a gawdawful band like that horror that opened for QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE. It would be even worse if one of the here-today-gone-tomorrow local hipster bands got on the bill. The Mighty Lazerwolfs are the band for this bill, bar none.

Expect updates as this saga unfolds. . . .

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  1. >Dude, Ace is the man! I wish he was coming to Portland, though. I am either going to have to drive to Spokane or fly to SF. I bag on Ace a bit on my blog for taking longer than Axl to put out a new album but I am very glad he is sober and touring. I also saw the Paul Stanley show – in Portland. And I was blown away. I could have done without the 15 minute I Want You, though.Ace is the main reason I got into guitar as well, so I am pretty geeked up about the tour. Make sure to post a review!My blog is at http://isorski.blogspot.com/ if you want to check it out…

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