>Last Days of Summer

>I just wrote an essay on New West re: my take on the big Obama speech last night, and the convention as a whole. I kinda rushed it; I think it could have been a lot better. But at least I came in under the wire in my goal to get at least one piece a week over there. You can check it out here.

School’s In

It was with great relief that I dumped Sid off at school yesterday morning; his summer is over. Thank the gods, I didn’t know if I would make it. Of course I’d forgotten what a clusterfuck Hellgate is in the morning. Not the kids so much, but the parent dropping them off. People too lazy to pull in off the road where dozens of other cars and bikes are trying to pass through, so they block traffic; doors opening suddenly in front of you, kids appearing from nowhere on bikes — it’s nuts. It’s like running a gauntlet every morning. It’s a wonder more people aren’t run over out there.

Rock Show

Sid’s metal band, HELLIANA, played a show at Big Sky High School on Wednesday as part of freshman orientation. I was there taking a few pictures:

Speaking of rock shows, TATER PIG has a couple coming up. The first one is actually this coming Monday, the 1st, which is also Labor Day. I didn’t realize it was Labor Day when we agreed to do the show, so it should be interesting; I don’t have high hopes for much turnout. Nonetheless, if you aren’t doing anything that night, come on down. I’m pretty sure we are playing first.

Business is Booming.

Not. I’m talking of course about the business of selling LAZERWOLFS CDs. It’s about what I expected. The initial 100 we had manufactured are all out and about, except for about 4 or 5, but it isn’t from sales. We have some at distributors, and some went to review outlets, but the CD Baby link I’ve been pushing for a few weeks now has only earned us a shitload of spam from jackasses offering their high dollar promotional services, but 0 sales. We sold 3 at Budget, and maybe 1 at Ear Candy (I haven’t checked recently; last time I was there they had sold 0, but since then one person told me they were going there to buy one). We sold a few on tour, and maybe 1 or 2 since then at shows. Hell, we only sold 1 at our so-called “CD release” show. Blah. I don’t really care, because quite frankly I don’t have much desire to play the game of self promotion it takes to spam people to buy it. I don’t even have much motivation to get more pressed either; I’d rather do another one. I uploaded a song to this thing The Trail is doing for bands to get on some CD locally, then realized immediately after I did it that it is just another stupid contest and I kicked myself for doing it (I uploaded a TATER PIG song too). Shit like that just burns me out. And I can’t figure out how to delete the things.

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