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Way back in August or so Julia and I joined a kickball team called Toxic Assets. I wanted to rename it the Toxic Avengers but no one else was having it. The team is sponsored by our friends at Selvedge Studio. We thought it would be fun because a) they are all nice people and b) we don’t get out much. And guess what? We were right! We fell in with a great group of people who are all about going out and having fun. Amazingly, with the season winding down, we are in 3rd place out of something like 15 or 16 teams. Sadly, this past game is likely my last, as work travel (North Carolina next week, Minnesota the week after; I’m blogging from a hotel in St. Louis right now!) is going to take me out of a double-header next week, then playoffs the week after. However, should the team make the final, I might be able to make it back in time for that. Here’s hoping for success on both accounts.

Anyway, I took a few pictures the other night. Every game we had a uniform “theme.” This one happened to be the Red, White and Blue.

Up first are Leah and Scott, our co-captains. They are also married, which means they’re probably (gasp!) doing it. . . .

Yours truly, looking tough.

Would you mess with these guys? The dude on the right had a two-run triple in his first trip to the plate. The guy on the left one-upped him with a freakin’ home run. Scott happens to be pretty damn fast around the bases. I happen to be, surprisingly, really fuckin’ slow.

So how about trifling with this bunch? No, I didn’t think so. Hey, I may look hulking next to these normal folk, but even though I’m probably heavier than their combined weight I’m pretty sure I could bench press them all at once too. That’s how I justify myself to myself, anyway.

Here’s Chauntel, perched on third. Her uniforms were a little more . . . interesting . . . in warmer weather. The whole league was more . . . interesting . . . in warmer weather, for that matter.

Kelly, preparing to knock the shit out of the ball.

Kelly again, looking to score . . . with enthusiasm!

Leah, on deck.

Leah, looking to get to second base at first opportunity!

Stu, our designated lead-off man, first baseman and wearer of the red onesie.

Julia, Mary and a big poocher. Julia isn’t dressed as the All-American Bag Lady. She’s just wearing a bunch of my clothes in a ridiculous number of layers. And she was still cold!

Mary and John. I think he is explaining the rules of “butts up” to us.

Kelly and Stu in the most common state on our team: Laughing!

We won this game this night, which was cool. We played a fun team to play too. Most of the games have been fun, though a couple teams are loaded with frustrated assholes who forget that kickball among grown-ups is just a silly diversion, not the friggin’ World Finals. Get lives, douchebags! You know who you are. . . .

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  1. >Interesting…I think that if this was tried out here, people would probably play like the people you described at the end.However, that shot of you with the ball in one hand and the 12 pack in the other is priceless.The typical softball player/bowler updated for modern times.Brilliant.

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