>Like Horn, Stone and Bone

>This will be my little end-of-week catch all for things that caught my eye, before I forget about them.

DonkeyGirl Trunk Show

One week from tomorrow, on Saturday, December 12th, from 11 AM to 4 PM, Julia will be doing a trunk show at Betty’s Divine. It will showcase all the DonkeyGirl stuff she’s been diligently working on. It should be pretty cool. All the enthusiasm that I (hopefully) show on this blog for the things I love — books, music, comics, writing, etc. — she has for clothing, design and fashion. So hopefully some of you local types can swing by and say hello, and see what she’s been working on. There will be clothes, jewelry and bags (from the LeatherAss line, of course), all original designs using recycled materials.

This Could Make Me Get Cable or Satellite in 2010

Today was the big draw for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. The World Cup is, of course, the biggest sporting event in the world, and only happens every four years. Teams qualify over the last couple years before the event until only 32 remain. Then they randomly set up the tournament into eight groups of four teams; the draw can make it or break it for some teams. There is usually a “Group of Death” (looks to be Group G this time around, with Brazil, Portugal, Ivory Coast and North Korea) where you have multiple strong teams in a single bracket, and only two get to advance into the second round until only two teams remain. The USA plays England on their very first game, on June 12th. That’s a game the team could win, and an excellent test to see where we* are.

I love soccer. I watched the hell out of it when we did have cable in the house, and it is something I miss. For most people around the country it isn’t that big of a deal, but I love the World Cup. I hope Team USA makes a good showing this time around.

* Note I said “we” when referring to the team. Normally, I hate when sports fans refer to their team’s travails and accomplishments as “we.” Like some Raiders fan living in Dubuque saying “Someone needs to kill Al Davis so we can get a new GM!” Somehow, in events like this “we” seems appropriate. So I’ll friggin’ use it if I want to.

What’s Your Budget?

My folks asked me what I want for Christmas. Should I show them the lettered, hand bound, only-23-in-the-world edition of The Terror from Subterranean Press? That’s such a great book, and I would love to have it. But I couldn’t, in good conscience, ask anyone to pay $500 for it. Unless they really, really wanted to. I have a beat up trade copy of it if anyone wants to read a top notch story that is part horror, part historical fiction. It was probably my favorite book in 2008.

This cover art is by John Picacio, who does some fantastic work. I’d love to have a poster of that sucker. It really is a good book, and that image absolutely captures the spirit of it. I’d love to even just touch one of those fancy version. I may break down and get the $80 version. We’ll see.

Ed Brubaker is Everywhere

I’m a huge fan of Ed Brubaker based on his work on Captain America. His run over the last few years has really defined the character . . . including killing him! The Death of Captain America Omnibus just came out (the second such Cap omnibus of his run, I have the first and all the trades that comprise this omnibus), as did Criminal – The Deluxe Edition. Finally, the collected trade of his series Incognito (with art by Sean Phillips) just came out. Only Criminal is relatively straight crime fiction, but even Captain America is retold with that spirit. Incognito is totally a pulp crime/super villain story that is awesome. Anyway, there is a great little article on Brubaker and Incognito over at Comics Alliance, which is well worth checking out if the pulps and crime fiction are of any interest to you. I dug it.

Final Links

Want a wallpaper of one of the best comics series going right now? It is for Beasts of Burden by Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson. I love this series. Here’s the wallpaper. This is a horror comic involving pets who investigate otherworldly goings-on in their community of Burden Hill. Dark and beautiful, sad and hilarious. It is really great stuff.

There is a great little discussion about women in crime/mystery writing going on over at the Do Some Damage website. It’s well worth checking out if you want some tips on women who write this stuff I’m always raving about lately. Check it out!

The new issue of Crimespree Magazine is about to come out, and it’s not too late to subscribe! Go for it. . . .

Don’t know what anyone who reads this site thought of the reviews I posted earlier in the week, but expect more. Books, comics, music, whatever I feel like. I kind of enjoy doing that. I get a kick out of telling people about stuff I like.

2 thoughts on “>Like Horn, Stone and Bone

  1. Rebecca

    >That cover of the fancy version of The Terror is cool. You're right, it captures the hopelessness and, uh, terror of the novel. Keep it up with the reviews and stuff, Chris. I know it was just a regular post, but late one evening earlier this week I found myself reading up on Jonah Hex. Josh Brolin is an inspired bit of casting. (I think Jonah's scar needs a better backstory, though. I'd rather see something like a wound at Gettysburg that wasn't treated properly. The sawbones at the nearest tent hospital was too addicted to his own ether and opium to do a good job. Picture dead and dying soldiers in rows, rampant gangrene, sloppy amputations galore. Jonah's first post-war murder is his junkie doctor. Okay, I need to stop now.)

  2. Chris

    >Thanks, Rebecca! I'm glad you read up on Hex. I think Josh Brolin will be great. He's got that edge to him that I think is perfect for the role.Have you ever been into Muse Comics? You should trot down there with 3.99 and pick up issue #50, if they have any left. It's really good — just a single, standalone story.


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