Lime Creek

From Lime Creek by Joe Henry:

And when the filly can finally go for four whole hours between feedings, it almost seems like a vacation, at least to me and our alarm-clock. Like when you get a spate of twenty- or thirty-below-zero weather, and it sets in real good and firm sometime after the new year. Why, a rise up to say five-below-zero is near to almost being downright tropical. And a day that actually makes it all the way back to zero, so you’re neither on the plus or the minus, why that’s practically shirtsleeve weather. Making you wonder as you leave the house if you really do need your coat or not. And although you’ve still got nearly five months to go, you know that spring is absolutely inevitable. And hellfire, why a man’s hopefulness can just about soar on rosy new wings unfettered.



2 thoughts on “Lime Creek

    1. Chris La Tray Post author

      I like this passage. There was much to like about the book, but I found it pretty overwritten. The story would have worked better more stripped down, in my opinion.


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