Literally One of My Favorite Local News Stories of the Year

This is the headline over at local political blog 4&20 blackbirds:

School Board Member Nancy Pickhardt Resigns, Blames Missoulian Reporter

You must realize any story that’s got an elected official leaving a “You can go fuck yourselves!” voice mail on the home telephone of a citizen is going to be right in my wheelhouse, don’t you? Go check the story out for yourself!

Ah, school board members. Delusions of grandeur a little bit now and then? This stuff just kills me.

11 thoughts on “Literally One of My Favorite Local News Stories of the Year”

  1. >Well, well, well! Its not just our elected officials then?"A plague on their houses!"trouble is, sometimes they do get away with this kind of thing. What is it that makes a person who is elected to office, suddenly decide to be excessively greedy?

  2. >Poor wittle Nancy, her feelings were crushed and hurt.Reminds me of the crap going on here. Tightening of the belts with the governor asking agencies to cut spending another 10% and yet the pompous poofs in our university system wanted to give their presidents their 7% cost of living raises (same geniuses who are paying a former univeristy president her full salary while she sits on her butt at home).

  3. >Seems to me there is an arrogance that generally comes with running for elected office that immediately makes me question the motivations behind the person doing it. That is probably really unfair to a lot of elected officials, but that's pretty much how I feel about it.

  4. >I don't think you're being unfair at all there, Chris. Of course, I'm from Chicago, where you're not allowed to even be on a ballot unless you're crooked. It can make a person a touch jaded with the whole process.

  5. >My theory is that there's a bit of the larcenist in everybody. When it's possible to dip your hand into the till without being caught, the temptation can become irresistible. Even an otherwise honest person can find a loophole in their ethics to excuse what they're doing. There but for the grace of God, etc. . .

  6. >I can't say the people at the newspaper behaved much better, but the board member went out of bounds with her 3 word rant. Of course, there HAS to be more to the raise than this article gives… I'm not a big fan of press that push, push, push and then when someone snaps do the :look what she/he said!" dance.

  7. >What I hate locally is how many school board members are there either to support their careers in things like real estate and how many are there to lower taxes. I don't know how poor kids afford to participate in any activities here now. So few of them really know or understand what education is about.

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