>Meant to Post Earlier, Damnit!

>I wanted to hype this show we’re going to tonight — The Yard Dogs Road Show — but got caught up in other things. Anyway, I have a piece on it in this week’s Independent, and I’m stoked. Eddy Joe Cotton was one of the most interesting interviews I’ve ever done; I’m glad I tracked him down rather than just regurgitating the press release. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I am something of a wannabe road dog myself, but it really struck a chord. I can’t wait to see the show! The fact that the opening act are a bunch of internationally famous (and dead sexy!) belly dancers doesn’t hurt.

Speaking of internationally famous (and dead sexy; well, one of us anyway), Sid and I have our picture in the Missoulian this week as well (photo by Mike Mueller, Julia’s brother, who the paper failed to credit — sorry, Mike!) in a story that Joe Nickell did about families doing creative things together. TATER PIG got the big mention, which is cool considering we have a show this weekend.

I’ll wrap this up early this time by revealing the cover to the new LAZERWOLFS record, La Bruja. Check it out:

We have a song up on our MySpace player too — “The Deed Will Be Done.” It rocks. I can’t wait to get the thing out for real.

7 thoughts on “>Meant to Post Earlier, Damnit!

  1. Patia

    >I was driving past Hellgate High School today and saw Sid coming out of the building. I thought, “Hey, I know him!” Even though I don’t.

  2. Chris

    >Ha! That’s hilarious! Aimee from Betty’s sent me a message one afternoon earlier this year — when school first started and it was still 80+ degrees outside — to tell me “I just saw Sid walking across Higgins Bridge carrying a sled!”The boy doesn’t realize the eyes of Missoula’s women are on him!Oh, he and his dorky friends were filming each other sliding down staircases on sleds.

  3. Chris

    >No, Rebecca, that is a model in San Francisco, actually. Getting Julia to be on her own album is hard enough, I wouldn’t even try to get her on someone else’s!

  4. olshittay

    >Gotta say that is one fine CD cover. Don’t know how you find the time with all this flitting around the country. Of course, that two week break from your blog was unacceptable.


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