>I should be finishing up my Naomi Klein thing for New West, but it kind of blew up on me. I hope to wrap that up tomorrow when I get to wherever it is I’m going. I forget what travel can be like, especially when I get in late in the day on Friday and have to turn right back around on Monday and leave again. I pop in, yet life goes on and everyone else has the things they are doing that I’m not quite plugged into, then I’m gone. Sid is hyper about his band, and metal in general, and that’s great. Julia is focused on her sewing, and when she’s focused on something, that is pretty much all she’s doing. I admire that, I wish I could be so single-minded. I’m too easily distracted. Speaking of which, one of her items was in the special “fashion insert” in the Independent last week:

That’s pretty cool.

So I’m just wrapping up 40 minutes before band practice, which I don’t really feel like going to, feeling mostly sorry for myself. In the meantime, here are a few things I’ve overlooked talking about.

Tater Pig at the Library

We played the library last Sunday for their Sundaes on Sunday event. It was kind of weird; interesting people frequent the library. Kind of like interesting people frequent the bus station. We were set up right in front of the elevator, and people kept appearing behind me. My buddy Charles showed up and snapped some photos, a couple of which I’m pointing to here:

Speaking of rock shows, we are playing a Lazerwolfs show next Friday night that also has Sid’s band, Helliana, on the bill. We set it up as an opportunity to rock with some of the young bands that have been wanting to play with us. It should be fun. The Crystal Theater has been the site of a couple of our greatest show . . . as well as a couple of the worst. Hopefully folks — particularly all agers — will come out!


I’ve been waiting for this since I heard about it what seems like a couple years ago. Paul Stanley’s One Live KISS! DVD is finally coming out in a couple weeks. This was filmed live at the House of Blues in Chicago back in November, ’06. I saw the same tour at the House of Blues in Hollywood just a couple weeks later, and it was hands down one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait to get this sucker! Hopefully it will reignite some of my musical enthusiasm again.

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  1. Joe Bird

    >”Hands down one of the best”? C’mon man, commit! Call it the best, I dare you!Hee hee….sorry, you just poked one of my pet peeves. I do it too. Seems like it’s almost impossible not to second-guess ourselves into adding the “one of the…” convention to any superlative descriptions.Anyway. Cool about the Indy’s coverage of Julia’s design, is is the jacket in that picture?


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