Monkey Business

Last night right before I called it a day I read a wonderful story by my friend, Patti Abbott, in the final issue of Dark Valentine Magazine, an online publication that folded up, unfortunately, the first of this month. Patti’s story is called “Monkey Justice.” It’s not a crime story, or horror, or anything like that. It’s just kind of a sad little tale about a woman who will probably seem all too familiar to many of us. You can download the PDF of the magazine that has her story in it by clicking HERE.

You’ll also see how great a publication this was. There are a couple other stories in it I still have to read, particularly one by another favorite of mine, Sandra Seamans.

Patti’s story has capuchin monkeys in it, which reminded me, of course, of our trip to Panama last January. I dug up this video and uploaded it last night:

We were on a boat trip exploring Gatun Lake, cruising various little islands scattered about looking for wildlife. This island we were visited by several capuchins, and this is one (out of a couple) that got pretty close!

2 thoughts on “Monkey Business

  1. Patti Abbott

    Thanks so much for the kind words and for showing me a capuchin in the flesh (or fur). I read about the experiments with them but no illustrations. Scientists need to understand the “ah” factor.
    P.S. My grandson, age four, asked me yesterday when apes turned into people, why didn’t they get to keep the tale. He has a good point see how useful it is.

  2. Naomi Johnson

    This story reminds me SO much of a woman I know, who refuses to let go of her anger from something that happened years ago. Instead of moving her life forward, she stays busy poisoning the lives of those around her with her bitterness. Patti nailed the character.


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