>More Amazing and Bizarre Montana Wildlife Images

>From the Cryptozoological Files of the Big Sky Country I give you:

The Lake Missoula Dirt-Backed Stump Humper

At least that’s what Julia called Bernard, my big, dumb dog, last night. With the weather warming up and drying everything out, he has increased his rolling around on the ground on his back activities. Which means he tends to walk around the house trailing dead leaves and grass, looking like he’s about to sprout mushrooms.

Here he is getting an earful about hygiene from The King, who is always sleek and ready to roll down the red carpet at a moment’s notice.

Here he is, captured in his natural environment in nicer weather.

I don’t know that there is any photographic evidence of “stump humping,” but there are plenty of eyewitness accounts of him humping anything that moves when he ventures out to the bark park.

He’s getting as gray as I am these days. Julia may mock him, he may snore louder than my bride, and I may question his intellect, but he’s still the most loyal guy I know.

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