More Designing Madness — The Paper Dress

>Julia continues to kick ass at the Project Selvedge contest. Five challenges have been completed and she’s still going strong. This Friday is the challenge which will narrow the field to three contestants for the big finale on May 7th. I’m sure Julia will advance, unless she totally blows it on this challenge. That ain’t gonna happen though. So here are some photos from the last two challenges.

April 2nd: Challenge Four — Make a Paper Dress
This was kind of a weird one going in. They had a little bit of fabric, but the rest had to be made from paper, with any other features being made from recycled materials and/or objects. It was sponsored by Noteworthy Paper & Press downtown. Julia decided to do a dress as a tribute to the work of Alexander McQueen, a big-time fashion designer who recently died (suicide — a very sad and tragic story). Here is a little collage of some of his crazy designs.

And here is Julia struttin’ her stuff. The big flared skirt is made of pages from the Missoula phone book, painted blue (from some old paint we found in the garage from this house’s previous owners), and the funky headdress were from stationary she acquired at Noteworthy:

What surprised me most, after what seemed like kind of a dubious challenge, was how awesome all the designs were. So much color and creativity — it was very impressive.

The judges were left speechless. I was amazed by what these women pulled off. In the end, the judges decided they couldn’t eliminate any of the designs, so that meant that during some future challenge they would have to eliminate two people.

However, and unfortunately, during the week that followed, we learned that the designer named Theresa, who was far and away the best seamstress in the whole contest, quit for unknown reasons. It was disappointing, but at least that means things are back on track. She designed this Ming Dynasty-inspired piece as her last creation in Project Selvedge.

If you’re in Missoula and care to look, these dresses are on display in Noteworthy’s window, right on Higgins.

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