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>Last Friday I got back into Missoula in the early afternoon following my trip to Texas. My evening itinerary was already packed with action, as Julia and Sid both had events taking place damn near simultaneously. They were only two blocks apart, so I had high hopes to be able to attend both. So here’s how it all shook out!

Project Selvedge, Challenge 3

As I’ve mentioned here and here, Julia is competing in Project Selvedge at Selvedge Studio in Missoula this year, and she is now three challenges in. This is a contest for clothing designers, where contestants are slowly eliminated over the course of six challenges until two face off in the seventh and final challenge. If you recall, she actually WON (!) the second challenge, which means she was granted immunity for this one. In other words, she was advancing on to the fourth challenge regardless of how her design fared against the others. That didn’t stop her from pulling out all the stops, though.

This time around they were given $50 to spend at Selvedge on fabric, which they only had 20 minutes to choose and purchase, to make a dress combination that would be suitable not only for “spring break in Cabo” but also could be worn out on a chillier evening in Missoula. Julia decided that since she had immunity she would really push herself to make something that was a bit beyond what she felt her abilities were. So she made a dress that was reversible, and had a jacket for the more formal, “cooler” weather incarnation. It turned out pretty awesome, and her model, a student from Ghana named Felicity, looked great.

Of course there was a lot of competition from other designers showing off their own great creations, with pretty models too!

I wasn’t the only one taking pictures either!

As this thing goes on, it gets harder and harder to decide who moves on and who doesn’t. I’m glad I don’t have to decide. My favorite part is when the designers answer questions from the judges and explain their designs, what they were going for, the problems they encountered and how they got around them, etc. It is a very creative process, and I find all that fascinating.

So after all the parading and questions and answers, the judges hid themselves away to vote, and the crowd turned in their votes. There wasn’t the stress of the previous rounds because of Julia’s immunity, but it was still exciting. As they worked their way down, Julia once again found herself in the top two. Then the judges announced:

Popular (crowd vote) Winner: Julia!
Overall Challenge Winner: Friggin’ JULIA!

A two-fer! So she gets immunity again! The judges gave it to her because they said she really displayed what immunity is all about by totally pushing herself, and her design was a home run. Aimee from Betty’s Divine said when Felicity came out with the second outfit and she realized it was reversible, she was blown away like she never has been in any of the Project Selvedges previous (this is the fourth). That is high praise! Julia was excited, and I was ecstatic. What a great night, especially considering she wasn’t feeling very well! Now it’s on to challenges four and five!

Judgment Hammer

Immediately after the winner was announced, I hustled down the street two blocks to Higgins Hall, where Sid’s band JUDGMENT HAMMER was playing an all ages show. They were just getting started, so I watched a couple songs and then dashed back to fetch Julia. She came back and watched the show with me. They were great, as usual, though there were some gear-related technical difficulties to overcome a couple times.

As I’ve said before, this has always been a great band since before Sid (and Dustin on bass) joined them. Their talent level was certainly higher than Sid’s previous band, if only because they are older and have been playing together longer. However, Sid has really stepped up and more than holds his own. He isn’t all that flashy, but his meter is near perfect and he gets every change and stop/start. Sometimes when I’m watching him I can’t believe he’s my kid. It’s pretty exciting.

Once again, another great night for me to be a fan of my people!

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  1. >Isn't she, though, Rebecca? I saw on the Selvedge site they have close-up pictures displaying how shapely her ass is under that skirt. I'd like a little credit for NOT taking that picture, thank you very much. I am, if nothing else, a gentleman.

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