My Favorite Tune

This is a clip that is the opening credits of season one of the excellent HBO series, Game of Thrones. I love this song.

I’m a big fan of soundtrack music, and this one delivers. When I write, this is the kind of thing I like to listen to. I find this particular track to be very powerful; it reaches right out and gives the soul a good shaking.

I’ve avoided the whole A Song of Ice and Fire story, the books, for years. I used to read nothing but this kind of multi-book fantasy but drifted away from it (blame the mammoth Wheel of Time series that Robert Jordan started, then died before he finished; I got halfway in before I just ran out of gas for it). When I heard what George R.R. Martin was doing, building this complex world of drama and sex and violence and intrigue, it sounded compelling but I kept away. Finally last year Julia and I watched the first season of the show and were hooked. When season two came out, I bought it the day I saw it, and we blasted through it in a weekend. Now we have to wait a year for season three to come out . . . either that or subscribe to HBO and start watching in real time as the next season starts airing at the end of the month. But even if we DO that we’ll just be in the same boat again in a matter of months. I’m not real good with delayed gratification. It’s a quandary, believe me.

In the meantime I think I will revisit my love of fantasy by digging into a few other books on my shelves, including even the Martin ones (I like his writing, even though the only book of his I’ve read is Fevre Dream, which I loved). It’s kind of exciting. The quality of the GoT production has restored my enthusiasm for fantastic fiction. Maybe it’s a phase, I don’t know, but I’m liking it.


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    1. Chris Post author

      Thing about this series is it stands very well on its own without knowing anything about it going in. I think it’s very well done, with very high production values. I really like it.


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